brake fluid fork oil

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brake fluid fork oil

Post by blair »

can someone tell me which dot brake fluid and what weight fork oil to use 750 gt 73 email me at [email protected]

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Post by BevHevSteve »

brembo uses natural rubber in their seals so you MUST NOT use silicone based fluid. I prefer either BREMBO fluid or MOTUL racing 600.

for fork fluid capacities etc, I have posted a list on my main website. Go to and click VIRTUAL MUSEUM then click DATA INDEX then scroll down to FORK FLUID CAPACITIES CHART for stype and amount chart.
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Post by Peter Mille »

It will probably be DOT 3.
DOT 4 didn't exists back in 1973 (it has a higher viscosity to reach the higher boiling points)

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Post by Den »

My GT with Ceriani forks works fine with 210cc of ATF. Brembo says that DOT 3 or 4 will both work fine. I flush my system yearly.

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