electronic tacho

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stian buksa
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electronic tacho

Post by stian buksa »

Does anybody know what "feeds" the electronic tacho ?
I have checked the wiring diagram and its not there.

My tacho has started to swing a lot, and being fairly inaccurate. Does anybody know how to make it work better (except from changing to a mechanical tacho)

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Post by baddean »

Hi Stian,
You didn't indicate which bike this is on. I assume a round case.
Follow the wires from the tacho out to where they go.
There should be two for the light and one or two for the tacho.
The wires for the tacho will probably go to an ignition coil. I believe that the tacho is excited by the coils electrical pulses. Check to be sure all connections are good and that all grounds are good.
If that doesn't cure it then you will probably go the route that most everyone else took and change over to a mechanical tacho.
The weak electrical systems on the round case bikes did not lend themselves well to charging and ignition function. I've always believed that most owners changed to a mechanical tacho prior to upgrading the charging and ignition systems. With a good alternator and better coils the electronic tacho might have functioned better. Like any electronic device it requires a certain amount of voltage to work and if that voltage is inadaquate the device won't function as designed.
Your tacho itself might be worn out from vibration and use as well.
Let us know how it goes.
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