valve guide lengths

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stian buksa
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valve guide lengths

Post by stian buksa »

I have bought new valve guides for my 72 roundcase 750 GT, but I'm uncertain if the length is right.
The ones that was fitted was cut really short, and not original, so I cant really use them for reference

Does anybody have any original/workable valve guides so they can measure them for reference for me ?

The lenghts I need are
- overall length
- length over the "collar"
- length under the "collar" (or how much of the valve guides stick out on the underside if the valve guides are fitted to the head)

Please please

Ray O'Donohue
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Post by Ray O'Donohue »

I don't have that info,which others on this board will have,but since you are fooling with valve guides I want to offer two suggestions:Your ports have very little length/support in the valve guide bores,even in the case of stock ports.Therefore,after careful cleaning at the port/guide junction,use the "cut threads into the guide" method of removal if you haven't yet taken the guides out,in order to avoid buggering,damaging,or dragging channels into the port guide bores on the way out. Then,when installing,use a bit of sealer of some sort.Oil leaking between the guide and the guide bore is a frequent cause of mysterious smoking after engine work.

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