New owner needs some advice

If you need technical information or help with your roundcase Ducati 750 engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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New owner needs some advice

Post by andygbsmith »

Hi guys, I have just bought a 750S and was wondering where is the best place to get Tech info and service data from.
Although the previous owner has had the bike for 19 years he only had a Haynes manuel.
Any adcice is welcome.
I have all the info for the square cases but nothing else.

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Craig in France
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750 roundcase manuals

Post by Craig in France »

Hi Andy,

Lots of places to try, depending on what you're seeking - owner's manual, workshop manual, parts list; original, paper copy, electronic ...

Here are a few for starters:

1. Our own Steve Allen has electronic versions of the combined GT & SS parts book; and of the GT workshop manual (I suspect there wasn't a separate one for the Sport) here: <Technical Info> <Manuals>

2. Originals (as well as photocopies and electronic versions) of parts, workshop and owners manuals all crop up on eBay every now and then. A quick search turns up this, an original GT owner's that sold recently: 230174835593.

3. Paper copies for purchase at

4. And probably more than you'll ever need to know in Ian Falloon's, "The Ducati 750 Bible" - also available from Steve.

5. And if you have any specific queries, join the Bevelheads e-mail list at Micapeak where there will be shortage of people to advise {right, Steve ?:-)}


Craig in UK/France

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