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Summer in the Motoworld

Post by the motoworld » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:50 pm


It’s been a good summer here at The MotoWorld. Travels, racing and more travels..what more could you ask for. We started our season at the World SuperBike race at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Being part of the media circus is wonderful but you sure miss a lot of the racing, oh well. Heather and I told ourselves it will be better on TV at home anyway...uh..not really. I talked with Ben Bostrom who was doing commentary for the WSBK International feed and he said the same and then some. He was stuck in a little tiny booth on the side of the track thinking all the while “man..I should be out there!” He did however tow his very cool Airstream trailer up so he was camping in style.

After the races it was onto planning the summer adventures. Part of what we do here is take people on guided tours through the Sierra Nevada mountains..not a bad job huh??!! But..before we did our first tour it was out to New York to visit the in-laws, volunteer at a huge community event along with my father in law and...don’t start laughing with the Tuetell’s. Yes, those Tuetells. The totally disfunctional family that builds ‘choppers’ on TV. I don’t know why I did this but...I couldn’t get home soon enough.

Our first tour this summer was with a couple of guys that had been to the Sierra’s but never on a bike and never on the roads I was going to take them on. When I showed them the map and gave them the option of following me or going on their own and just meeting at the end of the day, they wisely decided to follow me. These guys were good riders and honestly...there were quite a few times I was following them! Five days later, they turned in their bikes at the dealer, we got them to the airport and back to Pennsylvania they went.

The next trip was back to the Sierra’s..thats what we do..but this time it was just three us friends. Two of us have ridden the Sierra’s for years and our friend had Bernie had been there in a car but not on a bike. This was a great trip because I didn’t have to feel responsible every minute of the ride but at the same timeI had that same joy of showing someone new roads and new places. The look on Bernie’s every time we stopped was well worth the price of admission. We did have some mechanical issues on the way home but that is what happens when you ride old motorcycles pretty hard for six days..but that is a story for another time..and it doesn’t include a particular 1981 Darmah...

Next up on The Motoworld Summer Tour was the BUB Bonneville Speed Trials. This is my third trip to the’s addictive..”no it’s not..I can quit anytime I want...when is next years meet???” I went as part of a team..ok, I’m only the chef and parachute packer but I was there...running...NBC...a Norton Streamliner...our week didn’t go so well again, another story for another time. But, in my time there I came across the one and only Ducati..that I could find... getting ready to run in the ‘Run What You Brung’ class. A woman on a beautiful old 900ss. She and her husband were on their summer holiday and decided they wanted to go to Bonneville. Once they got there, she got a wild hair in her panties to see how fast her old 900ss would go. Ninety Nine miles per hour and a little change; she knew how fast her Duc would go. And the smile on her face...priceless.

It was a great week at Bonneville, I’m looking forward to next year. Oh, and by the way...the only good..and it’s really near the flats is ‘The Salt Flats Cafe..right by the entrance to the Salt Flats. Don’t eat at any of the casino’s in me..don’t.

Next event in The MotoWorld happened September 16th... former Willow Springs roadracer Kelly Nielsen and his wife Sara sprung upon the world Oliver Jay Nielsen. Another derelict racer I imagine. Look what he has to look up to...his dad..his grand dad (another derilect racer) his uncle Steve (the epitomy of derilect racers and purveyor of Vintage Ducati parts.. wink, wink, nod, nod).. oh well, we’ll wish him luck but with his geneaology.. poor kid.

The MotoWorld season wound down last week with a tour up the coast across the mountains to Lake Tahoe and back down through the desert. The last day was probably the worst day I have ever had on a motorcycle. Hurricane force side winds for nearly 300 miles. Glad I made it home in one piece.

Now we’re headed into fall, great riding here in So Cal and maybe a couple more trips into the Sierra’s . I’ll keep you all posted.

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