Greetings from Ireland

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Greetings from Ireland

Post by smellybeard »

Hello all.
I’ve had some non-runners in the shed for decades and they are finally reaching the top of the the to-do list. Mostly 250 singles - a narrowcase bitsa and a couple of widecases.

First up, however, will be a 1981 Pantah 500 - a bitsa with some interesting bits.
It's been unused for about ten years and was a present from the previous owner who not only was loosing his storage space but was also giving up riding. On opening up the side plastics to check the engine number, I found this...

Forks and wheels are non-standard. Forks are marzochhi adjustables and wheels are five-spoke speedlines. The engine is said to have 600 pots. The previous owner thinks it was built in a UK race shop from leftover bits.

Best of the 250s is a 1975 Mk.3. Alas the big end went after about thirty miles. I didn't waste any breath on the dealer. It was a really nice bike to ride; light with excellent brakes. Imagine a mountain bike with the guts of thirty horsepower. Bevel head cranks are not easy to do so I think I'll just drop it out and send it off. It was a little bit smokey so it might get a set of rings while it's asunder.

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Re: Greetings from Ireland

Post by ducadini »

Looks like a 1980 500 (to start with) because it has the oldstyle fairing.
There WAS a defective batch Speedlines, but they were also used on the 500 SD without (as far as I know) breaking.
Better let them xray.

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Re: Greetings from Ireland

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Welcome aboard. Hopefully the carbs (and cylinder head) didn't get filled with rat wee wee.... that would mean everything will need replacing. Good luck with your projects!
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