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Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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New to the forum

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Hi I'm Lindsay. I've had my 75 860 GTS for a long time purchased from a friend some 27yrs ago, wow long time ago. Rode it with pleasure for almost 10yrs. Trouble with a disreputable mechanic led to me sending the engine to Western Australia to be rebuilt, getting back a rebuilt exchange engine & run in on the bench for my old engine. Troubles at home made the frameless engine move around a bit :) now at least it has a home in it's frame & a permanent address. Poor thing hasn't had a lot of attention for years maybe here & there a clean & some work. Now after stopping & starting, what should have been a quick rebuild then ride has turned into a full rebuild from the ground up. Just gotta keep the momentum up so I can enjoy riding my 860 again.

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Re: New to the forum

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Heya Lindsay, that's awesome that you have a new direction / motivation to do her up right so you will be able to once again take her out into the sunlight on the road and enjoy her.

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