Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Hello Everyone!

I Am George From Hungary!
So currently I own a 74 GT and just sold my 916 sp.
I wonder if anybody else owns a roundcase Duc here in Hungary... maybe not!
Mine is from Canada , it is a US modell and currenlty it has got a factory electric start ( that works!) .

The story how I ended up buying such an unknown bike in my area is very complicated!

When I was 6 my grandparents had a couple of glasses with motorcycles on them (I could not cared less what sort...now I know each was an icon of the seventies)
One day I remember I wanted to bring the glasses outside for ice cream but I slipped on the staires and broke 5 out of The 6 glasses (the scar is still visible on my left arm)! Guess wich survived??
And survived for good!
20 years later I have passed my Motorcycle driving exam and right from the beggining I was fascinated about vintage bikes! When My grandfather gave me his old Pannonia T5 ( Hungarian 2 stroke 250 cc)that he owned for 40 years I felt very special! I Restored the bike myself and the during the restoration I started to look at other old bikes and a whole new world opened up!
After a short time I remebered the glass, and checked it! It was a yellow Ducati 750! When I started to search for one for sale I have realized how rare and expensive these are. After 3 years I made up my mind and bought one from Canada almost unseen on ebay! The bike was my present for myself for my 30th bday! Made some work on it and put it back on the road,and have it for 4 years now! Absolutly stunning ! Never get bored with that noise! It is my sunday morning rider!
P.s.: the Glass it self stayed at my grandparents house until this march , when my Grandma passed away and I have sold the house! Now it is sitting in the garage alongside the bike!

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Re: Hello

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interesting story. welcome aboard.
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