77 SD900 Darmah

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77 SD900 Darmah

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Hi All,

I may take a colleague up on a complete, original, 22,000km 1977 SD900 Darmah that he purchased new in Belgium and brought over to Canada when he emigrated here in the '80s. It has been in a garage for the past 6 years since it was ridden and other than needing new paint and decals looks to be in very good condition - even the chrome fenders look new but patina'd.

How are these bikes in terms of hidden and expensive issues? I have refurbished and wrenched on snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and a couple street bikes but this is the oldest and most "exotic" toy by far.

The mechanic in me would strip it clean to the frame, inspect and replace as necessary all seals and bearings (hopefully only needing to open up the clutch and side covers), and something tells me a new wiring harness could stave off a roadside fire in a 40 year old bike.

I am going through the forums but thought I would say hi and see if anyone had a good bit of advice.


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Re: 77 SD900 Darmah

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It's up to you to do what you think is appropriate in returning the bike to the road but my similar age 900SS runs fine, has never been apart and still has the original wiring harness. These bikes were well made and used quality components. It is easy with a forum to get a negative impression about Ducati twins because what you mostly hear about are people's problems.

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Re: 77 SD900 Darmah

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