The dreaded oil Question!!!

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Post by jockduck »

Castrol CRB 50 is still available its called Tection DD50(Detroit Diesel)
Your Castrol man should have know that, my 860GT is up to 130000kms without an O/haul on CRB/DD50 just let things warm up on cold days before waving the big stick.
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Post by Kickaha »

So what about those of us who have dry clutches and proper big ends
ie not roller bearing? :lol:

Aren't the oil requirements for the Bevel twins based around the roller bearing bottom ends?

currently I use Morris V Twin 20/50 ... roduct=171

Meets the requirements of high performance motorcycles such as BMW, Harley Davidson, Triumph and certain Yamaha models that specify an SAE 20W/50 viscosity engine oil.

Performance Levels
SAE 20W/50
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Post by abmartin »

I'll probably get flamed for admitting this but I use straight grade diesel oil. Its easy to find in the boondocks where I live and it seems to have all the proper ratings.

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Post by Steve Foster »

G'day Bruce - no need to your your fireproof suit just yet.

As jockduck mentions above there is a replacement for Castrol CRB50 and it's called Tection DD50 (Detroit Diesel). Further inquiries to Castrol technical support here in Oz elicited the following advice: "If you're determined to use a straight SAE 50 then use an oil such as the Castrol Tection Monograde DD50. This is the oil most similar to the deleted Castrol CRB 50."

In a previous discussion about DD50 with Castrol tech I was advised that CRB50 and DD50 are different formulations, the CRB being an older, fairly low spec oil whilst the DD50 is newer technology but contains relatively low detergent levels (though high dispersant levels).

See: ... 200611.pdf

The product data sheet mentions that "Castrol Tection Monograde DD 50 has been specifically designed to lubricate Detroit Diesel twostroke diesel engines in addition to other manufacturers’ engines where Monograde engine oils are recommended."

You can purchase the DD50 in 20 litre containers here.

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Post by faceache »

i use rock straight 50 summer 40 winter for ssd and ss900, went to restock and rocky dave (london rock oil distributor) recommended rockoil synthetic trm 20/60,He uses it in his darma, it is designed for roller bearing cranks and v twins , i ran my ssd on it - much smoother and noticably felt better. On a good quality multigrade synthetic there is a lot more start up protection, been running no probs. Just change oil and filter every 1000 miles same as straight monograde. Baines used to use it when they raced. Hope my small contribution helps
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Re: The dreaded oil Question!!!

Post by GHamilton »

No one posted here for seven years? :( I'm going to be getting the 900 set up for selling and need to
change the oil, bleed the brakes etc. Have there been any oils over the last seven years that have come on the market that are improved over the ones mentioned here?
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Re: The dreaded oil Question!!!

Post by joepagejr »

Coming soon in straight 50 weight! I'll see myself out now. ~%~
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Re: The dreaded oil Question!!!

Post by faceache »

[quote=joepagejr post_id=23042 time=1550096076 user_id=9553]
Coming soon in straight 50 weight! I'll see myself out now. ~%~

Sign me up for 20 litres!
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Re: The dreaded oil Question!!!

Post by andybaggies »

And just to throw another cat amongst the pigeons how about Rock Oil's TRM (Twin cylinder Racing Mix) & I quote:

"A fully synthetic racing oil, ASO MA API SL SAE 20W-60, TRM is a specially formulated synthetic oil containing specially selected large molecule base fluids for use in engines with roller bearing crankshafts and V-engines. Its unique additive package guards against seizure and minimises camshaft and crankshaft wear, whilst the base fluids have the ability to handle extreme pressure and shock loadings. It offers superb thermal stability even at the extremely high temperatures generated by multi-cylinder racing engines. It can be used in both air and liquid cooled applications and is also a superb gear lubricant and is ideal for unit construction engines."


No doubt it'll be crippling expensive mind :(
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