Clutch judder

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Clutch judder

Post by pouchy750 »

On my 1972 750GT I have clutch judder (slipping & grabbing) when I set off from a standstill.
It feels like the clutch pressure plate is not lifting evenly.
Through the clutch inspection cover I have checked that the clutch spring screws are tight & the clutch pressure plate appears to be lifting evenly.
Could the clutch drum or plates be notched through wear & hanging up on each other, causing the problem?
Time to take the primary cover off for a look.

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Re: Clutch judder

Post by BevHevSteve »

yes - have a look there and, make sure the center nut holding the clutch basket on is super tight as well - these have a habit of backing out on lots of bikes it seems......
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Re: Clutch judder

Post by abmartin »

Both twins I have owned - an 860GT and a 900SS - have done that occasionally and I just came to accept it as normal.

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