75 860GT neutral switch

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75 860GT neutral switch

Post by rjk40 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:47 pm

The old, stiff wiring on the neutral switch broke off while I was polishing the selector case. In looking at the NOS switch, it looks as if the taper pins(?), lugs(?)
are potted into the black switch insulated body.

Anyone been able to get these pins out, re-solder the wires, (or new ones, likely a better choice), and put them back in, or would that destroy the switch? Can't just solder the wires into the terminal stubs, as that is a weak connection, doomed to come off in the future.

The one that Steve shows in his online store looks a bit different, especially where the wire lugs protrude. Looks like a better unit, but if I can save a buck by repairing, I would do that first. Even with a new switch from Steve, I would have re-use the old, stiff wiring, or put on new better stuff.


Thanks in advance.

Richard (more time than money).

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