Recently aqquired pristine 75 860 GT/ Engine Oil?

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Recently aqquired pristine 75 860 GT/ Engine Oil?

Post by knowrice »

I recently aqquired a very clean and original 75 860 GT (8719 miles). Which engine oil is the best for this bike. My research on this subject has left me totally confused. Some people swear by straight 50#, some recommend 20/50 synthetic. The other question once the oil weight is agreed upon is which manufacture to use, motorcyle oils or car designed oils.


Randy Bauer
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Post by Geoff »

Randy the good news you're not alone.

Check out the threads on bevelheads list and

With these roller bearing big ends and the lack of effective filtration I'm reliably informed use pretty much anything you want but change it every 1000miles! Best not to swop about between grades though. And probably stick to motorcycle rather than car oils (wet clutch). I use straight 50.


Roland Elworthy
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Hullo Randy,

You're right to be confused, it's one of those topics that the more people you ask the more differing answers you'll get! Here's mine........

Always use straight monograde oil. In a warm climate use an SAE 50 grade and 40 in a cooler environment. Never use a multigrade as even though they can be of excellent quality they do not have the shear strength to survive long in an engine with bevel gears. Always warm up monograde oil carefully and change every 1000mls as Geoff said due to the poor oil filtration. If they are available where you are then Silkolene make excellent low detergent 'bike oils as do Morris Lubricants.

Hope this helps?

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Post by Den »

"In a warm climate use an SAE 50 grade and 40 in a cooler environment."

I think in England, their definition of "cooler" is a temperature so cold a USA rider might not even attempt to ride. :lol:

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