Darmah Sprag Clutch VS 916 or similar

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Darmah Sprag Clutch VS 916 or similar

Post by Elliot »

I have just had a starter sprag clutch in my Darmah fail. I have pulled the engine down and there is brinelling on the races that the starter engages on.

In Australia I have seen a new starter gear that utilises a sprag bearing from a 916.

Has anybody got any experinece with this mod?? Are the bearings stronger, cheaper, more reliable etc etc and is this modification worth pursuing.

I could fit a new darmah bearing but these do seem to a bit of an achilles heel.

I want to build a reliable engine and this struck me as one way to do that.

Your thoughts welcome.
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Post by wdietz186 »

For as much trouble as the newer twins have with their sprags I would go with the original. Making sure the manifold rubbers are in good shape,the carbs are clean and the ign is up to snuff should ensure a long lived sprag.Oh, and make sure the battery has the power to crank well.

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Post by BevHevSteve »

stick to the original type sprag and keep your bike IN TUNE and it will last.

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Post by BEVEL DAVE »

They work fine, strong battery is the key for any sprag.
I have fitted quite a few of the 916 style & not had any issues.

Whatever you do do not mix a new sprag with old inner & outer housings.


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Darmah Sprag Clutch VS 916 or similar

Post by garryc »

I have had the 916 upgrade kit sitting in my shed for some time and am about to have it fitted.
If you go the path of the upgrade shop around for the sprag and circlip
Sprag # 70140011A
and circlip #88240011A
prices vary from about $80 USD to $260AUD for the bearing

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