900 SS - 900 SD - 900 SSD

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900 SS - 900 SD - 900 SSD

Post by Barthol »

:?: Hi,

I´m about to be the happy owner of a Ducati 900SSD.
Can anyone point out the major differences of the engine for a 900SS, 900SD and a 900SSD.


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Darmah Dramahs

Post by BevHevSteve »

Hello Barthol, I should advise you that the best thing to do is pick up Ian Falloon's books, ORIGINAL SPORT AND SUPERSPORT and then also CATALOG OF DUCATI MOTORCYCLES - I stock both books. You will get the low down on these models.

The differences are not so many, but depending on year etc. The most obvious is earlier 900SS has Ducati Electronica ignition, later 900SS, SD and SSD comes with Bosch ignition. Also, SD and SSD has a starter motor, only some SD had a kick start also... no SS bikes came with a starter.

Then you get into cams, cranks and crank bearings etc, all expained in the books.

Can you post a photo or 3 in the photo gallery?
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