Single shifters and covers

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Single shifters and covers

Post by Loringuy »

I have a 1970 GT 250 5 speed and the shifter and cover I replaced with one form another bike... is there a four speed version and a 5 speed version of these?.. I mean I know they house the shifter stuff in that little housing in side the cover and does in matter if it's from a 4 or 5 speed? the part number inside is 175 KA 4001 they all seem to fit I mean the slotted piece fits my slotted piece and the bolt holes to attach it to the engine all line up ???
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Post by dlearl476 »

Loringuy-I'm relatively new to ducati singles, but I was told when My motor fell off the work bench and bent the timing cover housing that the outer cases were all the seme. I bought a narrow case cover from ebay and it fits fine.

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