860 GT clutch/gear selection problems 4 the newbie

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860 GT clutch/gear selection problems 4 the newbie

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I just fired up my first Duc, an 860 gt, for the first time, having only been told that it ran like s*** before it was parked a year ago, and needed other work. So I climbed on, but first gear felt like I had it in second or third, I had to rev it up and ride the clutch just to get rolling. I idled along at about 30-35 mph for a few blocks and brought it back again. At the stop sign a block from the house, I noticed I was now unable to shift out of "first". I chugged through the intersection, made it home, and with the engine off, adjusted the clutch at the lever so it would shift, but now it slipped when engaged. I also tried shifting up, and it bogged down about the same.
What would make the clutch adjustment change so radically so fast?
Why would first feel like third, and second the same?

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Seems that You can only engage two gears ?
Take of the sprocket-cover annex gear selectorbox, click it a few times untill you can feel you're effectively in neutral.
Turn the extending axle with the flats that comes out of the cases (left under the sprocket) until you HAVE a neutral and the flats are horizontal.
Put cover back on.
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