Oil flow

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Oil flow

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Hi. Any one help with problem on roundcase engine? Following rebuild, oil pump doesn't seem to pick up oil unless I lean bike to the right. Oil sump is full, strainer is new, and strainer locating sleeve is correctly positioned with cut out at top. With the bike leant over the flow of oil from the pump is good but stand it upright and it blow air bubbles. Only thing I can think of is air is leaking in somewhere?? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Possibly sucking air from somewhere. Maybe through the bush on the oil pump drive shaft?? Guess by leaning the bike over your covering up where it`s sucking air from with oil in the sump. Either that or dodgey gasket maybe somewhere.

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I'm not absolutely sure on the 750s but isn't there a pressure relief valve behind the pump? I know the sq. cases have it and also know it is easy to leave out or displace when fitting the pump.It is just a spring and a ball that seats on a hole in the back plate of the oil pump. Or maybe the pump isn't sealing to the case properly.

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