spark plugs

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spark plugs

Post by dudley »

Hi all, just bought a 1980 MHR, the plugs in it were NGK B7HS, the book says Champion L88 which seems to convert to B5HS, so I got some, I have since wondered if these are a bit hot, can anyone give some advice please, the bike is not riden hard. Thanks in advance Andy :-D

Peter Mille
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Post by Peter Mille »

I use Bosch W5AS 0.6mm in my Mille MHR.
According to the Bosch catalog, your bike needs 0.8mm electrode gap, don't see why though.
Champignon L88=Bosch W8AC, which is 2-3 heatranges hotter than Bosch W5AS.
Most bevel twins use W6BC according to that Bosch catalog.
The Bosch W5AS is slightly colder, but uses a special, more heat resistant silver electrode, designed for racing engines, with a wide temp. range.(like our bevel twins!)
It's all a bit confusing, I have to admit, so good luck!

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spark plugs

Post by wrinklygit »

Hello Dudley,I've been running my 78 darmah on B7HS for the past few weeks with no problems at all,cold or hot starts,commuting or faster runs.
They were supplied by Tony Brancatto who certainly seems to understand bevels in the UK,if you need mail order parts his service is excellent,regards,MIKE B.

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