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A question

Post by Lumpy »

A question to all you guys with one of those gear gazer type bevel covers. How long after start-up is it that you see oil in there?? Mine is pretty quick at cold start up but once she`s hot.................there ain`t enough hours in the day to sit and wait for her to show at idle. Up to 5 minutes down the road before she shows. This is on 2 seperate bikes, one with only 20,000 k`s showing, surely the oil pump can`t be shot on both.

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Post by BevHevSteve »

thats a long time. Perhaps you do not have enough oil inside the sump? Should be between lines on dipstick with the dipstick sitting on sump.
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Post by MartinMille BANNED »

That is a long time on the Millie its up there hot or cold straight away , and on the SSD 15 sec's cold instant hot

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Post by desodero »

lumpy did you have a problem before putting the gear gazer on,i would say
not as you could not see what was going on.
i have just recently finished rebuilding my engine with a new oil pump
and it does the same thing you have described ,dont be to concerned as
the oil system works more on volume flow than pressure,a mille engine
runs a different oil system as they have half shell big end bearings.
please remember when the oil is cold it is thicker and cant drain away
as quickly and tends to flood out into the bevel gear area,as it warms up it
thins out and drains away quicker .
another thing to do is look at mick walkers book on restoration and go to
the section on oil systems and look at the drawing showing how the oil
circulates and drains in a bevel engine and remember that the gears and bearings for the bevels are not under a lot of load so do not require alot
of lubrication .

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Oil feed

Post by Lumpy »

I keep a meticulous eye on oil level and change every 1000 k`s. I`ve always been a Castrol man and used all the suitable oils they make at some stage but not synthetic. Struck me as a little strange that both bikes do it. Once it`s up there it`s a good healthy flow however noticably less at idle, although I`d expect that. The cams run in a sort of bath so I`m not so concerned there but more the big end. I was kinda wondering if due to the hot oil having lower viscosity if at low revs majority of the flow goes to the crank. I`m going to try popping the plug out at the end of the crank and kicking her over while hot and with maybe sparkplugs out and see it theres oil flowing there.
I`m pleased to hear your getting the same thing desodero with a new oil pump. Makes me hopeful it`s not a pump issue. For the books it`s been like this for some time. I remember seeing another post a ways back along the same lines.
I am however a little bothered Martins SSD see`s it up there right off the bat and Steve seems to think it`s a little slow in appearance. I`ll try the crank plug in the next week or so and report back.

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