Machine shop LA area

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Machine shop LA area

Post by to_be »

I'm redoing the engine on my 1974 Sport and I need custom made upper rod bushings because I switch to 20mm piston pins. Can someone recommend a machine shop that can do the job right in the LA area ?
Please send me an email!

Thanks for your help


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Post by wdietz186 »

I don't have any recommendations about machine shops but I do think that Sid's Cycles in Fla. has or makes small end bushings to use the smaller pins.They don't have a website but you can talk to Malcome and he is very helpful.Their number is in the links section.

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Post by MitchB »

I have no doubt there are many shops, but one that I have used (not for bike items..) is RIMCO. They are a little south of LA - Newport Beach area.

They've been around for a LONG time, with a good rep...

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