Crankshaft question - interchangability

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Crankshaft question - interchangability

Post by Bret »

Hello Bevelheads -

Question for you bevel/motorhead types: will a crankshaft from a 1978 DUCATI 900-GTS work in a Darmah motor? Sorry, prolly a stupid question. I just wonder because sometimes you see "Bosch" crankshaft which I assume is for the square case Ducs and non-Bosch for the round case - or am I totally off?


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Post by wdietz186 »

Bret, You aren't totally off base. The 750 roundcase cranks are not interchangeable with the squarecase engines due to the bevel drive gear arrangement. The non Bosch 860 cranks are different on the primary drive side and won't allow mounting of the ign rotor for the Bosch system. I'm pretty sure a 78 860 gts uses the same crank as the Darmah. Somewhere around 78 or 79 they changed the diameter of the crankpin but that wouldn't affect the fit in the cases.

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860/900 cranks

Post by 1funduc »

Sorry but the primary drive side of the Ducati Elctronica ignition crank is quite different to the Bosch ignition crank. You would have to make up an adaptor bush to fit the primary gear and run a different ignition such as a RITA that is driven off the cam.

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