New owner 860 minimum rec. Rpms

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New owner 860 minimum rec. Rpms

Post by Tinkerbell »

Hi everybody...I hear recommendations to keep revs above 3000 or above 4000 order to protect big end bearings...what is the story here? I do realize that the 860 is a different critter than the Norton...
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Re: New owner 860 minimum rec. Rpms

Post by Craig in France »

Ok, you're entering into potentially turbulent waters here, Kara :shock: . But ...

Yes, it is generally thought best not to let these motors labour. The dogma goes, "It's not a **** Harley Davidson!"

Now, is there any evidence of big-end bearing failure being directly caused by running a Ducati L-twin too slow? That, I refuse to even address ... 8)

Next: How slow is too slow? Well, you being someone who I reckon has an ample dose of mechanical sympathy, the answer is: you'll know ... ;)

P.s I admit that why anyone would want to labour a Ducati is beyond me ... :))
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Re: New owner 860 minimum rec. Rpms

Post by ducadini »

I found a few bigends of 450's that were clearly damaged by severe knocking or low revving full throtlle( damaged high up the bore of the bigend).
On 350's (used here in a one-make singles Ducati class) most were damaged by high revving (damaged low and piston touching head).
The roundcase twins had the smaller generator and really needed at least 4K to run with the lights on (not simple in slow traffic) to avoid draining the battery.
And early 860 had the same problem untill Ducati switched to larger generator which made the 4000 not so critical, unless You used some extra Cibie or Marchal beams to get around Europes highways and byways.
Bottomline, I calmly warmed the engine for about 10 miles and then tried to keep it above 4k, NEVER using full throtlle beneath.

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