modify throtle on 860 gt

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Neil Robinson
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modify throtle on 860 gt

Post by Neil Robinson »

The throtle on my 860 is quite heavy & sticky, can this be changed or
modified to make it smoother & more responsive.?
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Post by BevHevSteve »

first pull on the cable above each carb. Is it smooth or notchy?

dis assemble the throttle completely clean and lube. Also clean and lube the throttle cables. Make sure the cables go in nice smooth arcs and are not tightly bent between cabs and throttle

you can install a tommaselli daytona dual cable throttle but it has not electrics etc. They are very good throttles, and switch cables to suit. I stock both
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Post by DesmoDog »

I'll second the motion on the Tommaselli. I put one on my 750 GT and after lubing the cables it works great.
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on the throttle sticky situation

Post by 105laptimes »

I have a daytona throttle but instead of the two cables coming out one to each carb I have one cable into a splitter tube under the tank and then that goes from one too two. works awesome and adjustment and maintence is way simpler
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