Speedo Drive for 1987 Cagiva Ducati Elephant Bifaro 750

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Gil Borges
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Speedo Drive for 1987 Cagiva Ducati Elephant Bifaro 750

Post by Gil Borges » Fri Oct 07, 2005 5:39 pm


My name is Gil Borges and i am from Portugal.
I have a 1987 Cagiva Ducati Elephant Bifaro 750, and i have a broken speedo drive. It is a 21 wheel bike.

The problem is that i do not know the ratio of the speedo drive, and it being broken ends all my hopes to measure it.

Anyone know the ratio of this speedo drive? Not many model would share this drive because of the 21 wheel this bike as.

Better yet, anyone as one used for sale?

Thank you very much.

Gil Borges
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