1965 DUCATI DIANA BASKET CASE. Good project or bad idea?

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1965 DUCATI DIANA BASKET CASE. Good project or bad idea?

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I have recently came into this basket case and was wondering if it is worth trying to put it back together? I thought it would be a good experiance for my son and I to work on this together however, I have no idea where to get a rebuild kit for the motor, gaskets and so on.
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I think it would be a great project, but I'm a sucker for project bikes and may not be the best source...

Parts are available for the singles from various sources around the world. If you're not shooting for a 100 point, as from the factory restoration, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting it back together. I'd make sure all the bodywork is there though as it can get expensive...
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I bought a 'Diana' along with lots of other bits back in 82 to have transport while I was rebuilding my Sebring Cafe Racer. It was really an Elite with a 250 engine. With all the bits I had I rebuilt it eventually and my mate Robbie in Australia still has it. Do it. Just do it. They are wonderful little bikes. I am sure the parts are around and the engines are a joy to work with. Just change the oil every 1000 miles, horrid unit wet clutch does it no favours. But you will get so much joy from it.
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