67 Sebring Barn find is Running!

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67 Sebring Barn find is Running!

Post by romamike » Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:28 pm

Finally got my barn find running. Cleaned the carb, lined the tank, rebuild the stopcocks, and found a no spark situation. Eventually traced it to the points-to-coil wire having exposed insulation and shorting out inside the case. once repaired, she started within a few kicks but demolished my leg until I retarded the timing and figured out the best starting sequence. Bike only has 6K miles and suspect when it shorted out, bike was put out to pasture, as everything on it seems pretty original. Had to replace a fuse and a bulb too.

Once running, I found the Clutch would not work. Turned out to be 45 years of grime rust and muck sticking all the plates together. simple removed and cleaned and replaced the surflex discs and all is good.

This weekend I finally took her for a ride- and got into 2nd gear but rear brake is stuck and I need to address that. didn't want to push my luck with no rear brake. But the bike sounds fantastic, and pull strongly up the hill in front of my house. attached a few pics.

Next plan is to work on rear brake, adjust the carb and throttle cable so it idles perfectly, attach fenders and tool box, etc.. Bike even came with original Ducati tools!

Once I have it all together and running, I am going to dismantle and repaint, chrome, etc. Haven't decided if I am sticking with stock handlebar, paint, or maybe going a bit custom, with colored frame, and cafe bars. The underside of the tank is a beautiful cherry red metallic

if you want to see a video of her running the 3rd time I got her started a few weeks ago , check it out. she runs much better now that I have the timing correct, and changed the oil again etc. https://youtu.be/xzOjz_TxL9M

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Re: 67 Sebring Barn find is Running!

Post by Peter Mille » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:55 pm

Great job!!

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Re: 67 Sebring Barn find is Running!

Post by BevHevSteve » Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:45 pm

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