restore or sell my mach 1?

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restore or sell my mach 1?

Post by ajw » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:44 pm

I know basket case pricing is all over the map, but what does one of these go for these days? mostly complete (everything that I can think of, but needs some rubber bits including tires) , rebuilt engine (20 years ago, never run, so it should probably come apart for inspection, but all the bits are in place)

and has anyone completed a restoration from bits lately? I'm wonderng what hidden costs there might be, and what other folks resto costs were.

I want to keep this bike, but I've got a 70 bonnie and a r60/5 that are way easier rebuilds that I know I'll spend more time riding when done... and there are only so many years in our lives to do the stuff we want, right?

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Re: restore or sell my mach 1?

Post by chimera » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:43 am

The value of your basket case depends on which parts that are specific to the Mach 1 you have and what condition they are in. Does the bike have original rearsets, clipons seat and sheet metal? Is the engine a correct specification M1 engine number? Does it have M. Baruzzo rims in good condition? There are many minute details that identify a correct Mach 1 and the presence or absence of these items will determine the value of the bike and the expense of restoration. If all the correct parts are present and in good condition, I’d encourage you to proceed with the restoration. If you’re missing some of the more valuable parts or they are not correct/original or in poor condition, you’ll want to consider restoration more carefully. Also, the condition of painted/plated parts is a big consideration since the cost of professional painting and plating is prohibitive. However, “patina” examples seem to be finding more favor lately. If the condition of your Mach 1 is such that it would be presentable as is, you might want to consider careful reassembly rather than refinishing everything. You can’t buy an original paint job. Even with some flaws, preserved original paint is more interesting than a 100 point restoration. If the bike has been disassembled for 20 odd years and stored properly and you have all the parts, you should consider reassembly with careful attention to detail and save the expense of a full restoration that, depending on condition, will not be immediately recouped in the value of the final product (with the caveat I recently read somewhere: “you can’t pay too much, just too soon.). I’d be interested in seeing what you’re working with to offer some suggestions. Perhaps you can post or send some pictures? Regards, Matt

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