Barn find needs ID-ing!

If you need technical information or help with your bevel drive Ducati single cylinder engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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Chris Bushell wrote:Ok this bike is almost certainly one of the ones from the infamous Hannah shipment ...
Ah yes, good point, Chris. I did wonder ...


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Hmm... Interesting food for thought. Do the workshop manuals for these exist online? Or can someone direct me toward somewhere to buy one? I see there are some manuals on the homepage of this site, but there doesn't seem to be anything I could re-build an engine to.

Chris, regarding the V5C, I have nothing. The only thing I have to go on is a reg. plate and the engine number. The frame number seems to be nowhere to be found. I'll email you shortly.

I spoke to Barry from Classic Ducati yesterday, and he emailed me in response to some pictures I sent. Based on the engine and frame, he estimates the bike to be from between 1959 and 1962 and that
the frame is of the Elite type. I guess this is backed by the fact that under the many layers of paint, the last is a lovely gold hue.

I've started to get some more bits together now too: rear wheel, brake assembly, half of one engine side case, generator, another part of the bevel drive... Still a very long way to go but it's all very exciting! I've been absorbing info like a parched sponge and have found
this site:

I LOVE the style of this bike, so considering the small amount of parts I have, I think this is the sort of route I will take on the build. There's also some pretty good info on there regarding engines, I see.

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Ok send me an e-maiil off line and I will do my best to sort you out, with regard to getting it registered.

I have factory manuals for these bikes, that I could photocopy.

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Post by hititfaster »

Sent! Really appreciate all the help so far guys. I'd certainly be very interested in a manual for it as well. I think I'm going to have a go at the engine myself. My plan is to get all the parts together, cleaned and re-conditioned before I start. Nothing worse than doing half a job and finding you're short of parts! As I'm getting these bits together I can be working on the frame, tank, seat etc. so that I can then place a finished engine into the frame, check a couple of things for fit then pull it all apart for paint!
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hititfaster wrote:Not found any major damage apart from a chunk of casting inside to the rear of one casing that has obviously been broken and repaired at some time.
That will be the boss for the kickstart shaft. They have been known to break in use, but also will break when a newbie uses that shaft as a brace for the clutch holding tool when removing the clutch basket.

Ask me how I know...


If you're taking the time to pull it apart I'd have that repair done correctly (welded) before you put it back together again... I'm not sure I'd trust whatever it is the previous owner slathered on there?
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Ok, I'm just gonna say it........
I think it would be a shame to take an Elite and turn it into a racer.
It is indeed your bike so do whatever you wish but Elites were quite rare and they are simply stunning.
Judging from an investment standpoint....if you restore the bike as an Elite, it will be worth quite a bit more than a racer.
just my 2 cents......

Since I have 2 bikes that are in similar situations.....I have done quite a bit of research on this.

Hope you don't mind me saying all this.
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