Crankshaft 250 desmo

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Per Garbos
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Crankshaft 250 desmo

Post by Per Garbos »

I am rebuilding my 250 engine and now i have to shim and fit my crankskaft.

According to Haynes Workshop manual the end float should be 0,03 -0,05mm
As far as i remember, my V twinn have zero end float - but it is properly because of the angel bearings ?

The bevelgear on my single is mounted at the crankshaft and it must be difficult to get the rigth back lash since it already have endfloat at 0,05mm.

Is it ok with an end float 0,03 -0,05mm ?

Best regards Per

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Post by joe1028 »

the less the better but do not load the bearings engines heat up clearances increase normally...

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