dellorto questions ss1 29...

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dellorto questions ss1 29...

Post by Jeff »

I was wondering about slides in the ss1 29mm dellorto. I saw in mick walkers duc resto book (dellorto settings) that a Mach has a 60 and a 350 scrambler has a 100. I have a 350 scrambler 29mm dellorto I intend to jet as a mach 1 setup is this posssible?
The slide numbers cant be the diameter of the slide can they? The only reason I ask this is that I have 2,24 ubf carbs and the slides are different diameters.

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slide numbers SS1 29

Post by Eldert »

Hi Jeff
the numbers of the slide corresponds with the height of the material removed on the air intake side off the slide
a small cutaway ( low number ) creates a greater vacuum and sucks up more fuel witch result in enrichment upto one quarter of throttle opening
a large cutaway ( high number ) runs leaner


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