Start up procedure for widecase desmo single?

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Start up procedure for widecase desmo single?

Post by tspeyer »

I'm just beginning the restoration process on a 1968 Mark 3D. Though I'm not at the point where it's ready for a start attempt, it's never too early to learn the process. I've read (in Mick Walker's Restoring Ducati Singles book) that on older Mach 1's, the kick-starter is virtually useless, and jump-starting is the preferred method. My bike has the better straight kick lever, so I'm hoping a kickstart is feasible/reliable on this widecase engine.
In any case, would appreciate any help, references, or guidance on this point - gives me something to look forward to.
Related point: the bike has a choke lever on the handlebar, but needs a cable to connect with the carb (SSI 30) - leads on where to obtain/fabricate this cable also appreciated.

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Post by dlearl476 »

find an old dirt bike shop. I have several here in Las Vegas that can build cables.

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