Parts Please

If you need technical information or help with your pantah based twin Ducati F1, F3, TT1, TT2, Santamontica, Montjuich, Laguna Seca, Al'azzurra, Pantah XL/TL etc engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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Parts Please

Post by Tim »

Where can I get parts for my 1985 Alazzurra 650 :?: ? Thanks Tim in Mi.

Brian Lees
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Post by Brian Lees »

what parts are you seeking.... for your bike? I do have some sorces of pantah parts

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Parts Please

Post by ChrisB »

Hello Brian in BC-
This is Chris in Washington State, a newbie to the forum, and I am also looking for (exhaust) parts for my 500SL Pantah. I've had mine for over 15 years and over time the chrome has all flaked off the right-hand exhaust header pipe. The nearest thing I've located so far is an OEM part from Road & Race in Australia.
I was hoping to find a source closer than half-way around the world. Do you have any ideas for this item?
My compadre helping me work on maintenance items has pulled the oil pressure sending unit out for work on the starter. Trouble is the threads from the case hole came out with the sensor. Anyone experienced this dilema before? If so, what kind of solutions worked out the best? So far we have come up with a thread replacement insert and other esoteric approaches. Thanks, Chris

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Post by izaakb »

The Road and Race replica is probably your best bet. I've been trying to get Bub Enterprises to make a run of their replica, but they've been putting it off for over a year now.

I've bought from R&R several times and they (Phil) are very reliable, he's on several of the lists including Pantaheads.
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Parts Alazzurra

Post by Tim »

Brian Lees wrote:what parts are you seeking.... for your bike? I do have some sorces of pantah parts

Just need replacement parts now and then cables, clutch parts. I need the key lock and key for the seat,brake pads, rear master cylinder, clutch cylinder, front master cylinder rebuild kits caliper seals, fuses are strange one early VW maybe.
Thanks Tim

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Parts Please

Post by jc_ducati »

Err, well there is no lock and key for the seat on a Pantah...
All the other parts are available from Gowanlochs, don't be afraid of them being in Oz, Aus Post is very good (probably cheaper and quicker than US Postal Service) and they do pride themselves in having the largest range of bevel and belt (pantah et al) parts in the world. Send an email to [email protected]

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Post by sbelcher »

Not sure if you are still looking for Allazzura parts, but I have a bike that I am using as a donor for a project and could sell on most of the dedicated / non Pantah parts. I.e. bodywork, seat, clocks. Let me know if interested. Mine is a UK 1985 model (early version in red / white with half fairing). these bikes sell quite cheaply in the Uk when they come up for sale, mine cost £500 ($1000) as a fairly good condition project. Often the cheapest way to get hold of heads and other engine parts rather than buying them loose. Keep an eye on for occasional Allazura parts
Interested in TT / pantah parts and information

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Post by BevHevSteve »

we are a brembo dealer and stock everything you could need for brakes as well as dellorto parts for your carbies. Maybe you should check out our shop??
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