750F1 Carb jets

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750F1 Carb jets

Post by nrs »

Anyone know what the stock carb mainjets, pilot jets and needle are for a 1988 750 F1?



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Post by sbelcher »

Settings depend on the actual model and carb size. My information is:-

36mm PHFcarbs F1 (PHF36MD/MS pair)
Needle K8, clip on 2nd groove
Main jet 135 / 140
Pilot 65
Slide 60/3
Needle jet 265AB

40mm PHM carbs (PHM40ND/NS pair)
Needle K5 on 2nd clip position
Main jet 148 / 155
Pilot 65
Slide 60/1
Nedle jet 265AB

This data has been cross checked with the Ducati manuals plus reference tables in the Mick Walker book "Ducati twin restoration" and Ian Falloons "Ducati Belt-drive two valve twins". Hope this helps. <+>
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same answer.
well, I have the same sources, so basically... :lol:

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