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Chris Bushell
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I haven't been on here for a while, as I have been concentrating on a new business venture, that at present doesn't involve Ducati's at present.

Anyway I decided to check over my 500 Sport Desmo to try and find out why I appeared to be suffering from crankcase pressurization and attendant oil leaks. A compression test confirmed my worst fears, 160 PSI on the left cylinder and 60psi on the right. Ok I thought either a set of broken rings or a burnt valve.

Well I finally extracted my digit this afternoon and removed the engine, whipped off the head and barrel. To my surprise no broken rings and both valves are fine. However the pistons are a sloppy fit in the bores and I am guessing I may need a re-bore, I wont know for certain until I get into work on Monday and get the proper measuring tools out, but it looks the likely cause.

Ok the point of this note now - does anyone know where I can get hold of a set of 1st oversize pistons for this bike?

Here's hoping


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