Looking for an Engine builder...

If you need technical information or help with your parallel twin Ducati GTL 350/500 or Sport Desmo 350/500 engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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Jim H
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Looking for an Engine builder...

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Hello everyone

I'm new here. I'm a long time Ducati rider and collector, but not a real computer lover, so I'm a bit late to the on-line party. Better late than never, I guess.

My Ducati's are mostly bevel heads, ranging from a lowly Monza to a '77 900SS. Never played in the rubber band motor sandbox, and don't plan to. However, I do have one special project that is one of the reason's I wandered on to this board.

It's a '77 500S Desmo that was seized when I got it 25 years ago. I tore the motor down back then and never got back to it. Lots' of dusty boxes. The chassis has been sitting in storage since, and every time I have to move it I think I should get around to building the motor. Never do.

At this point, I'm nearing retirement, and am busy with a bunch of British projects and I finally have to admit that the venerable Ducati motor will probably never see my work bench. Yes, I'm ashamed, so I am seeking help.

I assume people on this list don't hate these things? Seems like everywhere else I go they do. Is there anyone out there who could build this motor for me? I do have a spare GTL motor, if it can donate any parts.

Anyone interested?


Jim Hultman

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