Reserrecting an old friend

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Reserrecting an old friend

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HOT DOG!!!! It lives after many years of looking at my 500 GTL hoping to find the right parts I got her going. I couldnt use the points I got from over seas because they just would fit my existing point plate so I ended up using points from what I beleave was a 350 or 450 honda (I found them in my treasure box just like the one you all have). This is how I did it. I made a copy of the diagram of the points in the service manuel, then I drew a horizontal line thru the point plate, then I took a protractor to find what angle from the horizontal plane the rubbing block for each contact was and drew a line thru the center of the pivot, Then I took my old point plate and screwed it to a plate so it could be held easier using the mounting slots, I then drilled new locating holes for the locator pins on each contact, I then drilled and tapped new screw holes to mount the contacts not forgeting to enlarge the new holes under the movable plate. Of course the timing needed to be reset and this winter I will make the proper parts to use the new points but it runs fine as is. :-D
It was like hearing an old friends voice again

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