Coverting the parrallel twin to take a Honda oil filter

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Chris Bushell wrote:Well mine is up and running, though on a std oil filter at the moment and will be dancing round Cadwell park Monday and Tuesday next week all being well at the Clubs annual trackday.
Good stuff, Chris. I look forward to reading your feed-back ...


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LAZZERI wrote:Anyway I have an other and cheaper adress: Accro Moto
Hi, Lazzeri.

The url seems to be wrong. The ok url:

(wow.. only ten eu. for an oil filter for a classic bike. I'll buy a pair now!!)
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Well, I finally sat down yesterday and looked at the Honda filter and what has to be done.

Yes you need to make up the 8mm thick spacer to go on top of the Honda fliter and I have machined a recess in the spacer to take an O ring to stop any leakage.

However when looking down the inside of the bolt, I noticed that the rubber seal blocks off most of the four holes for the oil to flow through at the threaded end. Not wanting to restrict oil flow in any way, I drilled 4 extra holes lower down the bolt.

The bike would appear to run well. The Honda filter was GBP5.00 and came in a nice sealed bag, so I know it was clean.

Job well done, if anyone wants photos, etc e-mail me off line [email protected]
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Hi guys !

I have done the same and found the same conclusion.
All that is right, the japanes filter can fit if you drill these holes and use a spacer and gasket or (better) O-ring.

Ducati Saluti !

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Correct UFI oil filters for the 500 twins are still available Part no 25-502-00 .I couldn't find any one stocking them in Australia but purchased one from England via ebay for $12 AUS . I haven't received it yet so I fitted Yam/honda/kaw filter with suitable spacer and modified spare bolt to get bike running. But will go back to standard next oil change. The UFI filters are probably easy to access in Europe But there doesn't appear to be any dealers in Australia ,but still looking around.

URL for filter ... 1718wt_905
URL for EBAY shop
Air Filter ,same site UFI 27.707.00 about the same price . or K&n DU-0100 that I purchased from the USA for $50 US.
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Back again . Re my previous post on the UFI oil filter. The supplier I listed has just refunded my money as his suppliers can't supply him . He must have listed everything in the UFI catalogue without checking . Air filter probably the same. The K&N air filter has been supplied from the US OK. As I already have fitted Jap oil filter ,no great drama. Sorry for the misinformation .
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