Disassembling Rear Shock on GT750

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Disassembling Rear Shock on GT750

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Good Morning Everyone,

My GT 750 has the shocks shown below. I would like to know if and how, I can disassemble them so that I can have the springs rechromed and such.

Ducati Rear Shock.jpg

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Re: Disassembling Rear Shock on GT750

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If you Google the subject, there are discussions about rebuilding old GT shocks but I could not find pictures. My guess would be that if you compress the spring and the cover as one, there will be a "C" ring of some kind at the top that can then be removed to allow the cover and spring to be removed. Back to Classics rebuild the originals: https://www.ducaticlassics.com/ducati/0 ... cchi-l305-

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