Stock Marzocchi size

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Stock Marzocchi size

Post by SeeYaLTR »

Does anyone know the stock size of Marzocchi forks for a late 60's Monza 250? Were they 35mm?

And can you put clip-ons on them. I thought hey had a bunch of stuff in the way like the headlight brackets.
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Marzocchi fork sizes

Post by Eldert »

as far as i know 31.5 mm . there are shorter headlamp ears so you can
fit clipons ( both expensive items and a smooth top tripleclamp is
even more expensive )
the widecase scramblers where the first Ducatis with 35 mm forks .
the 1971 450 RT desmo had special long travel 35 mm forks
in 1972 when the Silver Desmo came in to
production al bikes got 35 mm Marzocchi forks till production stopped
only the 73/74 Yellow Desmo with disc brakes had 35 mm Ceriani forks

Regards Eldert
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