Fork oil grade 1980 SD 38mm Marzocchis

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I was at Wakefield Park,race track in Goulburn checking out the Ozlaverda
race blokes doing some testing and while having a conversation re fork action,some Yank wonders in and starts talking about the latest mod done to Emulators.They now add a Teflon band around the outside of it to act as a friction reducing seal to force the oil through the emulator.Without this some oil bypasses any damping via the gap on the outer edge between the emulator and fork leg.I had mine modified by Terry Hays at shock treatment.It took a few goes to get a good seal and no drag.BTW the blokes name was Paul Thease{sp},thats Mr Race Tech out in OZ doing his once a year suspension seminar.Small world.The write up on how to fit emulators on Jlos Laverda site was done by a couple of very fast NSW Laverda club members,bit of a Laverda theme here.There fitted to my 3C Laverda and my Husky Automatic,there set with the standard 2 turns of preload on the emmulator spring,0.90 straight rate springs,probably to light for me,Race Tech has a spring calclator on there site.Cerani forks.

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Re: Fork oil grade 1980 SD 38mm Marzocchis

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"DO NOT GO BY LABELLED OIL WEIGHT! Not only is this a poor way to decide which oil to use, but each manufacturer seems to be on a different scale. For example Maxima RSF 7wt is actually lighter than Spectro 5wt and Silkolene Pro RSF 7.5wt is actually heavier than Showa SS-8 10wt. This is not a judgment about the quality of these oils, just that the 'weight' label leads to a lot of trouble when trying to tune with suspension oils."

Quoted from ... sion_Fluid

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