Moving calipers to rear of forks on 900SS

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Moving calipers to rear of forks on 900SS

Post by gorman »

I was sitting and checking my '82 900SS's specs to Ian Falloon's restoration guide yesterday when I noticed a picture of an S2 with the calipers behind the forks. Knowing that the 82 900SS shared the same forks as the S2, I had a closer look and seems that if one swap around the left and right forks, one will end up with the calipers sitting behind the forks. Has anybody done this before? This looks a bit nicer to me, while one can always just swop it back if originality is desired. Is it as easy as that?
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Post by BevHevSteve »


swap forks left to right, right to left. Re install EVERYTHING exactly as you removed it. You will have to remove the rigid brake line that goes from caliper to hose, and install new stainless steel lines only.

Lucky for you I have what you need in stock, get the brakelines that are for "splitter to caliper"
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Another item to consider, the rear mount calipers have a single bleeder near the brakepipe and the Brembo script is rotated in the casting to remain level.
This does not mean you can not just remount the existing calipers buy there are specific ones for rear mounted apps.
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