Identifying forks

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Identifying forks

Post by garryc »

G'Days Guys,
How do you tell the difference between marzocchi and ceriani forks that are on my 78 darmah. Also can anyone tell me the rear shock length, I have a set of Koni's on at present but like the idea of marzocchis and don't know what to look for

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Post by BevHevSteve »

on 38mm ceriani forks, the mounting bolts for the brake calipers pass through the forks and thread into the calipers

on 38mm marzocchi forks, the mounting bolt for the brake calipers pass through the calipers and thread into the forks

I would not advise to go get some used marzocchi shocks or any other used ancient shocks......... They will not work. Just bite the bullet and get some new shocks so yoru bike will handle like a dream.
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