How much air in rear Marzocchi shocks for Pantahs

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How much air in rear Marzocchi shocks for Pantahs

Post by Panta600 »

could anybody supply information on how much air (max.) is required in Marzocchi rear shockers for a Pantah?
Please advise.
Nothing beats the 4 x 2 seat of a Pantah!

David Frith
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I believe marzochhi stradas take 28 lbs. This should be on the sticker around the valve.

Dave F

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Dont they have gas in them and not air?

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Post by garryc »

i always used a hand pump otherwise it is easy to put in far too much

Peter Mille
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You can drive them without air at all!
It's almost impossible to get the right (small) amount air in them, the moment you pull the nipple of, most of the air is gone to...!!
The air is supposed to stop foaming inside the shock, but this will only happen when you drive the bike VERY hard, for a VERY long time...!!
In the old days there were special pumps for this task, haven't seen them for a long while now.
I drive my Marzocchi AG Strada for almost 25 years without air, without road holding problems at all......!!

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Post by Lumpy »

I use a hand pump to pump it up a little too hard. Then check pressure with a digital pressure gauge, then check it again. This will give you the amount of air that escapes when you check it. Add that amount to the 28psi and thats the pressure you should aim for. Theoretically that should bring it to 28psi AFTER you`ve checked it. Works on mine.

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