Mountaineer 100

Ducati made radios, cameras and all sorts of interesting things over the years. This is the place to post your photos and descriptions.
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Mountaineer 100

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After standing on the bench for a few months, finally the Mountaineer has come alive.
Letting the old two-stroke-fuel out IN the garage wasn't the smartest thing to do : everyone hates that smell.
Two hours of cleaning the taps , sitting in the sun watching "le donne" stroll by, very entertaining and someone even recognized the Ducati, instead of just passing it like a ordinary 2stroker.
A gulp of ricinus-oil and a slash of gas and the bike ran.
After running it for ten minutes, my wife came down from the second floor.
"How I love the smell of warming engines on ricinus-oil in the afternoon" :-)

Would love to hear of experiences with other Ducati strokers !

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