PHF 36 as/ad vs bs/bd

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Just plotting on this discussion, my Darmah has stock PHF32 AS/AD with 122 mains, 60 Idlers etc etc.

I had a closer look today and where as the rear carb has a 75 Cold Start jet, the front one does have none at all! There is damage to the housing inside and someone blocked off the hole with resins or gum. Yet, I always start using the choke on the front carb, run it for half a minute and switch of the choke. Choke seems to work, yet the jet channel is fully blocked of??
How do you like them apples? Anyone?

At present, I am running the 32 stock with K&N's and two diffewrent exhausts, no markings, no brand. I am going to install replica Conti's, from all I have been reading that means I have to go 1 up on main jets, i.e. from 122 to 125 on the front and from 122 to 130 on the rear, right?

My needles are K6/2, sitting on the 2nd slot. Is that ok? Or change to K5??

Always wanted one, it's never too late!

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