Kreme Removal

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Peter Freiberger
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Kreme Removal

Post by Peter Freiberger »

Is there a way to remove an old Kreme coating that won't damage my paint?

BTW, A couple of shops I've seen here in L.A. are coating metal tanks with a red coating ("Red Coat") they say works with our gas.

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Post by Sandman »

There sure is.

Kreem is MEK based (methyl ethyl ketone), so that's what you use to dissolve it. It can be purchased at some big box home improvement stores, and hardware stores. IT WORKS! It dissolves pretty quickly, too, and soon you have a milky white fluid to pour out. Do this OUTSIDE for sure- it's a nasty, smelly chemical.

Kreem is a product whose time has passed- there are much better answers out there now. I'm a POR15 man myself. So many people prep their tanks poorly for Kreem, with subsequent failure/peeling, that POR15 actually sells a kit to remove it so you can use their product. Their removal solution? Yes, MEK. Good luck to you- do this job thoroughly so you get long lasting results.

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Post by MotoMark »

I agree with Sandman, POR 15 is the better solution.

We've seen several tanks at the shop I work at where there had been a bad Kreem job and it just makes the tank almost unusable. The problem with Kreem is that you have to get the coating distributed in the right amount so it won't be thick in one place and thin in the other and depending on the tank that's just not that easy.

Go with POR 15 and you won't be sorry.
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