1974 750 GT with PHF32 jetting recommendation

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1974 750 GT with PHF32 jetting recommendation

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Hey Guys,

Still working on my GT. I have been chasing a hanging rpm problem for quite awhile now. Replaced the exhaust gaskets, replaced the intake insulators with the new aluminum ones with o-rings from Steve. No stuck cables or slides or anything. This bike has PHF32 instead of the stock PHF30 carbs and it has K&N Pod filters and Conti knockoff mufflers. I'm sure this is not an uncommon setup and I think my problem is that the carbs are just setup to lean. What would be the recommended jetting for this setup and float height?

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Re: 1974 750 GT with PHF32 jetting recommendation

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Here's what I finally ended up using in my '73 GT using PHF32's & Wiseco 'Sport' C.R. pistons after much fiddling and fussing on the dyno and then seat of the pants for final tweaks.

MJ 125
NJ: 265AB
PJ: 62
Needle: K16 (bottom / richest notch)
Slide: 70/2

~ Sea level, Chevron 94 non-ethanol, pod filters, Contis.

Float level setting here (page 10):

www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/dello ... de_1.1.pdf

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