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Vhbz 26 f carb trouble 250 monza.

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:14 pm
by MotoRelic
Hi all,
I purchased a new vhbf 26 fd carb from the dredded ebay for my 65 250. The specs are 98 main 45 pilot 40 slide e3 needle. A brief run down on the engine, its freshly rebuilt with a .5mm over bore, 12v conversion. The bike starts with half a kick and revs clean. Heres my issue, the idle seems good for a few seconds then drop low, pops thru the carb and stalls. No matter the engine temp. Ive adjusted the mix screw in and out along with the idle screw. Nothing helps. Im leaning towards the pilot being too big since it seems to be better with the mix screw only a half turn out. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?
Thanks in advance!