SSD rear intake/inlet manifiold

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SSD rear intake/inlet manifiold

Post by sjkiwi »

Is there a different intake manifold available for the rear cylinder instead of the curved one that makes the air filter hit
on the sidecover. My mate has one on his 76 SS that comes nearly straight out and I want one. I have searched
on the www and the closest ones I have found that looks straighter than mine may be for 36mm carbs, 30mm id at the head
35+mm id at the carb, 42 0d with 60mm mounts, as I have 40mm carbs they are not right for my bike, as I am planning to get a lithium battery
this will give me extra space for the straighter intake. Steve are the sidecover pins still available for repairing the sd/ssd sidecovers.
Anyone got a pair of not needed 36s they want sell/trade

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Re: SSD rear intake/inlet manifiold

Post by Aussiess »

You need a manifold for a 900SS, you will need to check your manifold stud spacing, but if it has 40"s currently you may be lucky and have the correct spacing (I am not 100% sure but I think 52mm or so rings a bell?) check on this forum, those details are certainly repeated here somewhere.
An SS manifold will mean the 40's stay on, and really thats not such an issue. Standard carbs do tend to make them run a little more effectively, but thats up to you and your riding style. I actually took my SD manifold and cut it, and had it welded straighter, then just spent some time with a dremel and bingo, had what I wanted. All good if you know someone who can alloy weld.

there are many places selling second hand manifolds and some have new ones for sale, they wont be cheap. I think Steve had some at one point on his site. If not, check out a few places around the www, a few in england hold parts, and US etc.
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Re: SSD rear intake/inlet manifiold

Post by Spagjet »

32mm and 36mm manifolds are the same, the straight rear ones in that size are off roundcase 750's. I had a cut and shut rear manifold on my GTS when it had original 32's on, then swapped carbs and manifolds for 36's including curved rear manifold. I am going to do a cut and shut though as I want to put steel GTS sidecovers on it for the first time in 25 years and the Ram-flo air cleaner sticks right out the side of the bike (looks great but no sidecover unless it moves a lot, Darmahs have same problem but nowhere near as bad as GTS/GT). I was looking for a straight one for awhile but then realised I get to put the air cleaner exactly half way between the sidecover and the battery if I cut and shut a curved manifold to suit exactly what I want, as well as the fact that the straight ones (when they come up) for sale are always twice the price of the curved ones because everyone wants them for the same reason (get the Ram-flo off the sidecover).

I agree with Grant about the carbies, I've got bevels with 32's, 36's, and 40's and the 32's (on an SD900) produce the smoothest pull and best idle and still make the engine go like stink. The 36's are on the GTS860 which used to have 32's, the bigger carbs (which must have come off a Pantah originally I think) took ages and ages and a lot of persistence to get tuned right on the springer 860 but there's no doubt the power increased noticeably, although it tends to pigroot at slower revs than it used to. The 40's are on a Darmah motor that has been souped up and stuck in an old GT frame, it's a real hot rod but it has had bigger valves and porting, pipes, clutch to handle it, etc, etc, so 40's are probably an ok size for that but I have heard and seen a lot of times that 40's on a stock 860 or 900 just ends in tears and high fuel consumption for no real gain. They're perfect for all day full noise but let's face it, the parties all over, you can still have a sneaky blast but the days of 150-180kmh touring in a pack of howling bevels are over. Lucky we got to have all that fun

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